Alex Durham
Advertising Director
The Saturday Evening Post Society

After graduating from Purdue University in 2007 Alex joined the staff at The Saturday Evening Post Society as a marketing and sales associate in the licensing division. His responsibilities included researching the vast archives of The Saturday Evening Post which includes over 4000 covers by America’s greatest illustrators, such as Norman Rockwell, N.C. Wythe and J.C. Lyendecker. One of Alex's greatest strengths turned out to be the fact that his generation was too young to remember The Saturday Evening Post. This enabled him the view America’s oldest magazine with new perspective- a perspective he thought would resonate with his generation. His research and marketing for the licensing division resulted in many new prospects and licenses targeted to a younger audience and his success in forging new markets for a younger demographic for licensed products lead him to a new position in the advertising department. As Advertising Coordinator he learned all the basics research tools, developed marketing material, and maintained the advertising database. It did not take long for him to realize that their approach had to change in order to stay current with the evolving industry. In 2011 Alex became the Associate Publisher and Advertising Director of The Saturday Evening Post. Since then Alex has played an integral role in developing a strategic plan to take The Saturday Evening Post into the future.