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Registration Contacts

If you have any questions or problems registering online, please contact the registration desk:
CALL: 215-238-5300
EMAIL: virtualshowinfo@napco.com

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What are the System requirements for attending Virtual Shows?Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OSX, Ubuntu
Browser: Internet Explorer 6.0+, Firefox 2.0+, Safari 2.0+, Chrome 8.0+
Media Players: Flash, Windows Media Player 10.x+, Real Media Player 10.x+
Display Size: Optimized for 1024X768
Bandwidth: 500 Kbps

Professional/Social Networking

What are the available tools for Professional Networking?
Attendees have access to the following tools for Networking:

•  Group Chat
Group Chats are available in all exhibitor booths, as well as in the Networking  Lounge to facilitate communication among the attendees who are available at the same location at the same time. When in a booth, click the ‘Booth Chat’ button to chat with other show attendees. In the Networking Lounge, click on ‘Group Chat’ to activate this feature.

•  eChats
These are available at the scheduled times in the Networking Lounge. These group chats are scheduled to run for a certain time interval, on certain topics with invited speakers. Check out the show agenda to see which eChats you might like to join during the day!

•  ‘Who’s Here?’ Button
Click on the ‘Who’s Here?’ button on the navigation bar along the bottom of your screen to see who’s in the same location as you within the virtual environment at any given time.  Click on an individual attendee’s name to see their profile and/or engage them in a private chat.

•  Network Builder/Search People Function
Use this tool to find specific people within the virtual environment. You can access this search functionality from the navigation bar along the bottom of your screen (Search, People), or by clicking on ‘Network Builder’ within the Networking Lounge. Use this tool and its basic and advanced options to find people based on the importance of search criteria.

•  In-Show Email
Send/Receive email to/from other show attendees and staff within the virtual environment. You can access your in-show email by clicking ‘In-Show Email’ on the navigation bar along the bottom of your screen, or within the Networking Lounge. Click on ‘My Profile, Settings’ on the navigation bar and check off ‘Send copy of show message to email address’ to link your in-show email to the email address you used when you registered for this show.

•  Private Chat
Engage with other attendees in one-on-one chats.

Viewing Presentations in the Virtual Show

What types of Presentations can be viewed in the Auditorium?
You can view the following types of presentations: Keynotes, Live Webinars, On-Demand Webinars and Technology and Solutions Sessions

Where do I see Live Presentation Listings?
You may view listings of Live Presentations in any of the following locations:
1. Show Agenda (available via the ‘Information’ button on the navigation bar, in the Resource Center, and in the Information Booth)
2.Auditorium Listings
3. Presentation Listings in individual booths (includes only those put up by this particular company)

Where do I see On-Demand Presentation Listings?
You may view listings of On-Demand Presentations in any of the following locations:
1. Auditorium Listings
2. Presentation Listings in individual booths (includes only those put up by this particular company)
3. Resource Center Listings

Where can I find the Show Agenda?
The show agenda is available via the ‘Information’ button on the navigation bar, in the Resource Center, and in the Information Booth.

What are eChats?
These text-based group chats are scheduled to run for a certain time interval, on certain topics or with invited speakers. These are available in the Networking Lounge.

What are tracks?
”Tracks” are a way for Show Producers to better organize shows. This leads to a better experience for attendees who can follow a single track or multiple tracks based on their interest. For example, a Technology Show may the following tracks – Developer Track, Business Track, Press Track.

Attendee Tools

What is the purpose of the Briefcase?
We have provided you with your very own Briefcase so you may organize and bookmark show content, chat archives, contacts and giveaways collected as you browse the show. Use this tool as a “favorites” list, adding material that you’d like to have quick access to when visiting the virtual environment live or on-demand.

Can I take away any of the interesting documents I find on the show?
Absolutely.  Any document you want to carry with you can be opened for viewing and downloaded from the viewing window individually from their original location or from your Briefcase. Please note that there is currently no function that allows you to download the entire contents of your Briefcase at once.

Can I search for content?
Yes. Click on ‘Content’ from the ‘Search People/Content’ button on the navigation bar along the bottom of your screen. There are both basic and advanced options available for entering search criteria. Content Search goes across all resources, presentations and booths.

Can I search for other people?
Sure. Click on ‘People’ from the ‘Search People/Content’ button on the navigation bar along the bottom of your screen.

Prizes and Giveaways

How do I participate in Show Prizes? How can I get Booth Giveaways?
Check out the ‘Prize Center’ button on the navigation bar along the bottom of your screen. Information about all the prizes and giveaways offered within the virtual environment (on the show level and within exhibitor booths) can be found here.  In some cases, giveaways are scheduled for certain times, and winners are informed at a later date/time. You’ll note that booths may or may not offer giveaways. When in a particular booth, you can click on the giveaways link and submit your request to receive the giveaway. Occasionally, a giveaway might be tied to taking a survey or poll.

Show Security

Are Virtual Shows secure websites?
Yes, attendees can only get into a show with email/password authentication which is setup during the Registration process.

Is my real identity protected?
Yes, your real identity (the information you provided during registration) is never given out to other attendees. All that others get to see is the information you choose to share with your profile. You may change your profile settings from the ‘My Profile’ button on the navigation bar along the bottom of your screen.

The only way someone can get your real identity is if they acquire your V-Card which is sent to them only after you grant permission.

About Virtual Shows

 As an attendee, what are the benefits of attending Virtual Shows?
There are a lot of benefits of attending Virtual Shows. Some of these being -

1. Attend live shows free

2. Attend show archives if you miss the real thing

3. Lots of social networking opportunities – group chats, community rating of show content, message boards, private chats and in-show email.

4. Personalized experience – enjoy the show at your pace, at your place. Organize and bookmark content, receive personal recommendations for content and much more.

5. Information! Information! Information! – Information is available in a central resource center and/or or company specific resources are accessible through Booths.

6. Easy to search for content and people

Do Virtual Shows retain the elements of traditional shows?
More than just a library of webcasts and resources in a website – the elements unique to a tradeshow are made available – the interactivity with other attendees and tradeshow staff, the prizes and giveaways, discussion boards, greetings, briefcase, show agenda etc

Why ON24′s Virtual Show Solution?
Leveraging its position as the industry leader in webcasting, ON24 is establishing itself as a leading provider of Virtual Show solutions.  Key competitive differences in the ON24 Virtual Show solution include:

Better User Experience

ON24 designed its Virtual Show solution with customization in mind.  Each show location – Main Plaza, Exhibit Hall, Auditorium, Lounge, and Resource Center – can be customized to match your corporate branding, or tailored to better attract your target audience.   Moreover, each virtual booth can be custom designed to meet your sponsors’ desire to be unique and “stand out in the crowd”.

ON24 Virtual Show is the only industry solution to provide embedded Flash webcast consoles.  In contrast to delivering information and presentations in multiple independent windows, ON24 tightly integrates webcasts into the virtual environment for a better user experience for attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors.

Higher Quality Leads

With webcasting, companies are able communicate complex messages and capture the attention of viewers using interactive tools such as polls, surveys, and Q&A sessions.  ON24′s Virtual Show solution combines the rich marketing data provided by its webcast platform with attendees’ virtual show viewing behavior to deliver a level of marketing / lead generation information not available in other solutions.

More Effective Sales and Marketing Tools

The success of any Virtual Show depends on the show producer’s ability to sell sponsorships and generate a large, targeted audience for the event.  ON24 is unique in that it provides a number of rich media marketing solutions – video webcasts, flash presentations, banner webcasts, online demos, and more – to help show producers promote their Virtual Shows to both sponsors and attendees.

More Reliable & Scalable Platform

ON24 is the global leader in webcasting and virtual events having delivered over 25,000 live webcasts in 2008.  The company is leveraging both its experience and proven webcast platform in its delivery of Virtual Shows.  The only company with two redundant datacenters for webcasts and virtual shows, ON24 leads the industry in reliability, robustness, and scalability.


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