John Shaw
Executive Director of Publishing Technologies
SAGE Publications

John Shaw, Executive Director of Publishing Technologies, has been with SAGE Publications for 18 years. During his tenure, John has held management roles in Composition, Abstracts Production, and Journals Production. John currently heads up SAGE and CQ Press’s global electronic publishing program, including electronic peer review, journal and books hosting systems, electronic production systems, content management strategies, content archiving, and content conversion. John attends and frequently speaks at numerous industry conferences throughout the year.

Session: Cross-Platform Production Demystified (Track: Book)
(Featured Speaker)

Date: Thursday, Sep 13

Time: 11:00 AM - 11:50 AM

Track: Book Track

In this time of tablet and smart phone diversification and dominance, it’s no longer feasible to create print content and then backtrack to put your products into digital form. This session provides strategies for streamlining your workflow and boosting your bottom line as you learn to:

• Build a cross-platform publishing strategy that lets you gear your production process toward preparing a single document that can be easily output to all channels: ebooks, mobile apps, web platforms and even print;
• Eliminate costly after-the-fact conversions or treating crucial metadata as an afterthought
• Create well-managed and properly tagged content that is easier to sell, reuse, adapt and bundle into new products.