Christopher Kenneally
Director, Business Development & Author Relations
Copyright Clearance Center

At Copyright Clearance Center, Christopher Kenneally works with his Business Development colleagues to help the company attract new customers and achieve greater penetration in existing markets. He has forged partnerships with technology providers, professional associations, and media organizations, among others. In addition, Kenneally is host/producer of CCC’s weekly podcast series, “Beyond the Book,” and for OnCopyright Education, CCC's Educational Services brand, he presents a variety of programs on copyright and intellectual property issues. As a freelance journalist, Christopher Kenneally reported on education, business, travel, culture and technology for the New York Times, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, and The Independent of London, among many other publications. He also reported for WBUR-FM (Boston), National Public Radio, and WGBH-TV (PBS-Boston). He is author of “Massachusetts 101” (Applewood Books), a history of the state “from Redcoats to Red Sox” (www.mass101.com)

Session: Discoverability v. DRM (Track: Book)
(Featured Speaker)

Date: Thursday, Sep 13

Time: 02:50 PM - 03:40 PM

Track: Book Track

Driving revenue relies in part on digital discovery. Digital discovery depends upon exposing content to the marketplace presale in order to drive awareness, interest, and hopefully sales.

Digital Rights Management (DRM), on the other hand, refers to a mechanism in which content is secured to prevent access presale, in order to protect the intellectual property of the author and publisher. This presents a paradox.

In this session you’ll learn how to:
• Balance the requirements of IP protection and discoverability
• Generate buzz and sales through content marketing, or offering teasers of your to the marketplace for free