Brian O'Leary
Magellan Media Consulting Partners

Brian O’Leary is founder and principal of Magellan Media, a consulting firm that works with publishers seeking support in content workflows, benchmarking and financial analysis. Brian writes extensively about issues affecting the publishing industry. With Hugh McGuire, he has edited "Book: A Futurist's Manifesto", a collection of forward-looking essays on publishing that is being published in three parts by O'Reilly Media. He is also the author of research reports on: the use of metadata in the book industry supply chain, territorial rights in the digital age and best practices in digital exports. Brian has studied the impact of free content and digital piracy on paid book sales and was the editor and primary contributor on a study of the use of XML in book publishing, two reports published by O’Reilly Media in 2009. Before founding Magellan Media, Brian served as senior VP and associate publisher with Hammond Inc., where he restructured editorial operations to benefit from the firm’s prior technology investments. Brian came to Hammond after a 12-year career overseeing production and distribution operations at several of Time Inc.’s weekly magazines, including Time, Entertainment Weekly and People. Brian joined Time Inc. after earning an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. He also holds an A.B. in chemistry from Harvard College.

Session: Cross-Platform Production Demystified (Track: Book)
(Featured Speaker)

Date: Thursday, Sep 13

Time: 11:00 AM - 11:50 AM

Track: Book Track

In this time of tablet and smart phone diversification and dominance, it’s no longer feasible to create print content and then backtrack to put your products into digital form. This session provides strategies for streamlining your workflow and boosting your bottom line as you learn to:

• Build a cross-platform publishing strategy that lets you gear your production process toward preparing a single document that can be easily output to all channels: ebooks, mobile apps, web platforms and even print;
• Eliminate costly after-the-fact conversions or treating crucial metadata as an afterthought
• Create well-managed and properly tagged content that is easier to sell, reuse, adapt and bundle into new products.

Session: Discoverability v. DRM (Track: Book)
(Featured Speaker)

Date: Thursday, Sep 13

Time: 02:50 PM - 03:40 PM

Track: Book Track

Driving revenue relies in part on digital discovery. Digital discovery depends upon exposing content to the marketplace presale in order to drive awareness, interest, and hopefully sales.

Digital Rights Management (DRM), on the other hand, refers to a mechanism in which content is secured to prevent access presale, in order to protect the intellectual property of the author and publisher. This presents a paradox.

In this session you’ll learn how to:
• Balance the requirements of IP protection and discoverability
• Generate buzz and sales through content marketing, or offering teasers of your to the marketplace for free