Greg Wacks
Director of Content & Community

Having graduated college with a degree in poetry and a minor in sculpture, Greg Wacks did what any liberal arts educated 22 year old would do…? He took a low paying thankless job at MTV. Some 16 years, 4 MTV Beach Houses, 3 Live New Year’s Eve Shows, 2 Spring Breaks and a Jersey Shore later, Wacks is known for his work producing content and developing talent for MTV, MTV2, VH1, Fuse, TruTV, A&E and many others. He is currently part of the core team for Spreecast, the social video platform that let’s people broadcast together and create shared experiences.

Session: Marketing in the "Pinteresting" World of Booming Social Media (Track: Magazine)
(Featured Speaker)

Date: Thursday, Sep 13

Time: 11:00 AM - 11:50 AM

Track: Magazine Track

We all know social media's important - but not necessarily how best to use it, and in what context. A panel of experts explain what's what (and what's next) in a world where traffic to Pinterest jumps 2700% in eight months.

Topics will include:
• marketing best practices
• driving traffic from social media
• audience building
• using social media influence and user generated content/curation to your advantage